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General Role Implementation
1 Clinical Nurse Specialist: The Role in the OR
2 Documentation Audit Tool
3 Expanded Role Nurses in Neonatal Intensive Care - Survey of Program Directors, Unit Directors, Head Nurses and Medical Directors
4 Integration of NP into ED, Role Implementation Interview
5 Integration of NP into ED, Survey for NPs
6 International Survey on Advanced Nursing Education, Practice and Regulation
7 Interview Guide - Epilepsy Specialist Nurse
8 Interview Schedule - Integrating an APN Inpatient Psychiatric Unit
9 National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Survey (NHAMCS) Emergency Department Patient Record
10 Nurse Practitioner Role Sustainability and Progression
11 Pediatric Nurse Practitioner: Attributes of Innovation Scale
12 Pediatric Nurse Practitioner: Role Responsibility Scale
13 Perceptions About the Role of the Acute Care Nurse Practitioners
14 Primary Care Assessment Survey (PCAS)
15 Primary Care Physician Surveys A (for MDs who worked with NPs) & B (for MDs who have not worked with NPs)
16 Primary Care Setting Site Visit Interview Guide
17 Society of Critical Care Medicine Pediatric Physician Extender Survey
18 The Northern Emergency Nurse Practitioner Staff Survey
19 Time Documentation of Clinical Nurse Specialist Activities
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