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Original Citation - Smith JE, Waltman NL. Oncology clinical nurse specialists’ perceptions of their influence on patient outcomes. Oncol Nurs Forum. 1994;21(5):887–893.  View in PubMed

Contact Information
June E. Smith
Dean of Operations
BryanLGH College of Health Sciences
5035 Everett Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68506
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Price & Availability - Within public domain.  It may be used without seeking permission.  Cick here to view instrument.

Brief Description of Instrument - Measures Clinical Nurse Specialist's (CNS) perceptions of their influence on patient outcomes (i.e., care, utilization, and satisfaction) and barriers to practice.

Scale Format - 4 point Likert scale ranging from seldom influence (1) to constantly influence (4), open-ended items.

Administration Technique - Self-administered questionnaire, mailed

Factors and Norms - 6 factors identified through factor analysis:  patient and family response to care, cost of care, organizational processes, consultative/interdisciplinary processes, research processes, and barriers subscale.

Internal Consistency Cronbach's alpha reported for each factor:  patient and family response to care (.92), cost of care (.86), organizational processes (.91), consultative/interdisciplinary processes (.85), research processes (.89), and barriers subscale (.87).

Construct Validity - Face validity of the instrument was confirmed through review by 10 expert CNSs.

Published APN Studies Using Instrument - See original citation.
Clinical nurse specialist practice patterns. Mayo AM, Omery A, Agocs-Scott LM, Khaghani F, Meckes PG, Moti N, Redeemer J, Voorhees M, Gravell C, Cuenca E. Clin Nurse Spec. 2010 Mar-Apr;24(2):60-8.
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