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Original Citation – McNair, D., Lorr, M., Dropplemen, L. Edits manual: Profile of mood states. San Diego: Educational and Industrial Testing Services, 1971.

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Brief Description of Instrument – Assessment of mood states.

Administration time – 5 to 10 minutes.

Scale Format – 5-point Likert, response options:  not at all; a little; moderately; quite a lot; extremely.

Administration Technique – Self-administered questionnaire.

Scoring and Interpretation – Six mood states: tension, depression, anger, vigour, fatigue and confusion. Subjects are given a score for each trait. 

Factors and Norms – Factorial validity of the 6 mood factors reported.  Please see user's manual for more information.

Test-retest Reliability - Test-retest reliability reported as "reasonable" please see manual for more information.

Internal Consistency - Chronbach's alpha .63-.92 for subscales, .75-.92 for total score. Correlations between subscale and total scores in the POMS equal to or exceeding .84. Please see manual for more infomration.

Responsive to Change Over Time – Investigated by numerous studies, please see user's manual for more details.

Strengths – Extensive testing, used widely multiple areas.

Notes for Consideration – Various translations are available.

Published APN Studies using instrument McCorkle, R., Benoliel, J.Q., Donaldon, G., Georgiadou, F., Moinpour, C., Goodell, B. A randomized clinical control trial of home nursing care for lung cancer patients. Cancer. 1989. 64: 1375-1382. View in PubMed

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