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Original Citation – Katz S, Ford AB, Moskowitz RW, Jackson BA, Jaffe MW. Studies of illness in the aged. The Index of ADL: A standarized measure of biological and psychological function. JAMA. 1963 Sep 21;185:914-9. View in PubMed

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Price & Availability – Published in original citation.

Brief Description of Instrument – Measures performance in bathing, dressing, going to the toilet, transferring, continence and feeding. Originally developed to study results of treatment and prognosis in aging and chronic illness.

Scale Format – 3 options for each of the 6 domains, pick the one response that best describes performance in the last 2 weeks.

Administration Technique – Observation by trained health care professional observers.

Scoring and Interpretation – See scoring guide published in original citation. Scoring assigns an overall letter grade for ADL performance ranging from A (most independent) to G (most dependent).

Construct Validity – Able to classify patients who had a wide range of illnesses. Testing demonstrated an ordered pattern in the performance of ADLs. Degree of assistance related to dependence ADL score.

Responsive to Change Over Time – Demonstrated responsiveness to recovery after hip fracture.

Content & Face Validity – Developed from observations of a large number of activities performed by a group of patients with fracture of the hip. Based on primarily on biological and psychosocial functions.

Strengths – Evaluates functional deficits of major importance to independent living, can also be used to focus and measure progress of rehabilitation efforts.

Limitations – Limited psychometric testing.

Published APN Studies using instrument –- Wanich CK, Sullivan-Marx EM, Gottlieb GL, Johnson JC. Functional status outcomes of a nursing intervention in hospitalized elderly. Image J Nurs Sch. 1992 Fall;24(3):201-7. View in PubMed

Related Methods Articles (Not Reviewed) – Katz,S., Down, T.D., Cash, H.R., et al. (1970) Progress in the Development of the Index of ADL. Gerontologist 10:20-30.
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