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Original Citation – Meenan RF, Gertman PM, Mason JH. Measuring health status in arthritis. The arthritis impact measurement scales. Arthritis Rheum. 1980 Feb;23(2):146-52. View in PubMed

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Price & Availability – In the public domain, see instrument website or click the links below to view the instruments.

Brief Description of Instrument – Multidimensional patient-completed questionnaire on health status, useful for evaluating the outcome of arthritis treatments and programs.

Administration time – 15-23 minutes.

Scale Format – AIMS - contains 45 items. AIMS2 - 78 items. AIMS2-Short form (SF) - 26 items. 2 standard sets of 5 response options. All questions prefaced by “During the past month …”

Administration Technique – Self-administered questionnaire.

Scoring and Interpretation – Please see user's guide.

Factors and Norms – AIMS has 9 component scales - mobility; physical activity; dexterity; household activities; activities of daily living; anxiety; depression; social activity; pain. AIMS2- the first 57 items are broken down into 12 scales: 1) Mobility level (5 items); 2) Walking and bending (5 items); 3) Hand and finger function (5 items); 4) Arm function (5 items), 5) Self care (4 items); 6) Household tasks (4 items); 7) Social activities (5 items); 8) Support from family and friends (4 items); 9) Arthritis pain (5 items); 10) Work (5 items); 11) Level of tension (5 items); 12) Mood (5 items). Mean scores and SD for samples of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis patients provided (Meenan et al. 1992).

Test-retest Reliability – AIMS - Exceeded 0.80 after a two week delay, mean test-retest correlation was 0.87 for 100 patients. (Meenan et al., 1982) AIMS2 - test-retest reliability ranged from 0.78-0.94.

Internal Consistency – AIMS - Guttman coefficients of reproducibility and scalability, coefficient alpha reported at subscale level. Alpha ranges from 0.63-0.88 in original citation. In Meenan et al, 1982, alpha for all scales exceeded 0.60, 6 scales exceeded 0.80. AIMS2 - for two patient groups ranged from 0.72-0.96 (Meenan et al. 1992).

Construct Validity – AIMS - Convergent validity demonstrated by significant correlation of subscales with age, self reported health status, and physician report of disease activity, functional status and joint count in original citation. AIMS2 - Meenan et al. 1992 demonstrated significant association between patients' own identification of each area being a problem/priority for improvement and poorer scale score. Satisfaction was moderately correlated with level of function in the same health status area.

Content & Face Validity – AIMS was constructed by building upon and modifying the Bush's Index of Well-being, Katz's Index of ADL and the Rand Health Insurance Study to make it arthritis-specific. AIMS2 - refined using factor analysis.

Strengths – Robust reliability and validity. Backed by extensive research by both the original authors and other researchers. Widely used.

Updates – Meenan RF, Mason JH, Anderson JJ, Guccione AA, Kazis LE. AIMS2. The content and properties of a revised and expanded Arthritis Impact Measurement Scales Health Status Questionnaire. Arthritis Rheum 1992; 35:1-10. View in PubMed

Published APN Studies using instrument –- Hill J, Bird HA, Harmer R, Wright V, Lawton C. An evaluation of the effectiveness, safety and acceptability of a nurse practitioner in a rheumatology outpatient clinic. Br J Rheumatol. 1994 Mar;33(3):283-8. View in PubMed

Related Methods Articles (Not Reviewed) – Guillemin F, Coste J, Pouchot J, Ghezail M, Bregeon C, Sany J. The AIMS2-SF: a short form of the Arthritis Impact Measurement Scales 2. French Quality of Life in Rheumatology Group. Arthritis Rheum. 1997 Jul;40(7):1267-74.
Haavardsholm EA, Kvien TK, Uhlig T, Smedstad LM, Guillemin F. A comparison of agreement and sensitivity to change between AIMS2 and a short form of AIMS2 (AIMS2-SF) in more than 1,000 rheumatoid arthritis patients. J Rheumatol. 2000 Dec;27(12):2810-6.
Meenan RF, Gertman PM, Mason JH, Dunaif R. The arthritis impact measurement scales. Further investigations of a health status measure. Arthritis Rheum. 1982 Sep;25(9):1048-53.

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