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Original Citation – Mueller CW, McCloskey JC. Nurses' job satisfaction: a proposed measure. Nurs Res. 1990 Mar-Apr;39(2):113-7. View in PubMed

Contact Information
Sharon Sweeney
Center for Nursing Classification & Clinical Effectiveness
College of Nursing 407 NB
University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa 52242
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Price & Availability – Contact Sharon Sweeney for application. Available for use with payment.

Brief Description of Instrument – Measures nurses' job satisfaction in 8 domains: satisfaction with extrinsic rewards, scheduling, family/work balance, co-workers, interaction, professional opportunities, praise/recognition, and control/responsibility. Originally developed for use with hospital staff nurses.

Scale Format – 5-point Likert (5=very satisfied, 3=neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, 1=very dissatisfied). 31 items.

Administration Technique – Self-administered questionnaire.

Scoring and Interpretation – Sum items of subscale.

Test-retest Reliability – Global scale = 0.64, six month interval. For subscale information, please see original citation.

Internal Consistency – Global Scale = 0.89. For subscale information, please see original citation.

Construct Validity – Correlated with characteristics from the Job Characteristics Inventory. Correlations found in areas of autonomy, friendship opportunities, feedback, variety and task identity. Correlations with intent to stay on job also found. Please see original citation for details.

Criterion-Related Validity – Correlated with Brayfield-Rothe General Satisfaction Scale, Hackman and Oldham's Job Diagnostic Survey. Correlations ranging from 0.53 to 0.75 were found. Please see original citation for details.

Strengths – Reliable and valid measure.

Limitations – Assess different job facets, but not how important that is to the individual nurse.

Notes for Consideration – Can use as a global scale or as subscales as required.

Published APN Studies using instrument – Koelbel P, Fuller S & Misener T (1991). An explanatory model of nurse practitioners job satisfaction. Journal of American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 3(1), 17-24. View in PubMed
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