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Original Citation – Hunsberger M, Mitchell A, Blatz S, Paes B, Pinelli J, Southwell D, French S, Soluk R. Definition of an advanced nursing practice role in the NICU: the clinical nurse specialist/neonatal practitioner. Clin Nurse Spec. 1992 Summer;6(2):91-6. View in PubMed

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Appendix 1b-1f, NICU Surveys
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Brief Description of Instrument – Determines perception of the need for an NP in the NICU as well as the role of an NP and the level of knowledge and skill required in the role. A different questionnaire was designed for each professional group surveyed.

Scale Format – Varies, open and closed-ended questions, checklist.

Administration Technique – Self-administered questionnaire.

Scoring and Interpretation – Analyze descriptives and frequencies. Open-ended responses were categorized.

Factors and Norms – Staffing patterns and workloads, nurse/physician roles and responsibilities, potential and actual role conflict and acceptability, lines of communication, and authority and accountability. Checklist of specific activities actually performed in the NICU and activities that NPs should be performing including clinical decision-making roles, technical skills, educational responsibilities, and administrative roles.

Content & Face Validity – Questionnaire developed by an expert panel comprised of neonatal CNA, neonatologist, a nurse researcher, and a nurse educator with previous educational experience in a pediatric nurse practitioner program. Reviewed by a advisory group made up of nurses and physicians in management and director positions.

Published APN Studies using instrument – See original citation.

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