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Original Citation – Schramm C. The clinical nurse specialist. The role in the OR. AORN J. 1985 Mar;41(3):579, 581-3, 586-7. View in PubMed

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Price & Availability – Published in original citation.

Brief Description of Instrument – Describes CNS perceptions of role stress, role strain, role modification and role making; CNS perceptions of patient care improvement and role hierarchy.

Scale Format – 5-point Likert: 1 - strongly disagree, 2 - disagree, 3 - unsure, 4 - agree, 5 - strongly agree. Open-ended questions.

Administration Technique – Self-administered questionnaire.

Scoring and Interpretation – Descriptive statistics for closed ended questions, content analysis for open ended.

Factors and Norms – Closed ended items: role definition, effective change, CNS role. Open ended questions: role conflict, change agent, CNS functions, CNS qualifications and placement in nursing hierarchy.

Content & Face Validity – Item development based upon role theory, change theory and literature review.

Limitations – Requires further testing to establish reliability and validity.

Published APN Studies using instrument – See original citation.

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