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Original Citation - Keating SF, Thompson JP, Lee GA (2010). Perceived barriers to the sustainability and progression of nurse practitioners. Int Emerg Nurs. Jul;18(3):147-53.  View in PubMed

Contact Information
Simon Keating
The Alfred Emergency and Trauma Centre
Commercial Road
Prahran, Victoria, 3004   Australia 
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Price & Availability - Contact author for permission to use.  Click here to view instrument.

Brief Description of Instrument - Assesses barriers to sustainability, progression, support needed to initiate and benefits of the Emergency Nurse Practitioner role.

Scale Format - 5-point Likert rating (strongly agree - strongly disagree), multiple choice, yes/no

Administration Technique - Self-administered questionnaire.  Original study used "Survey Monkey".

Scoring and Interpretation - Descriptive analysis.

Content & Face Validity - Item development based on literature review.  Refined through pilot testing.

Published APN Studies Using Instrument - See original citation. 



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