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Original Citation DeNicola L, Kleid D, Brink L, van Stralen D, Scott M, Gerbert D, Brennan L.  Use of pediatric physician extenders in pediatric and neonatal intensive care units.  Crit Care Med. 1994. Nov;22(11):1856-64. View in PubMed     

Contact Information
Lucian K. DeNicola
Professor of Pediatrics and Critical Care
University of Florida, Jacksonville
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Price & Availability Published in original citation. 

Brief Description of Instrument Describes present and future use of pediatric physician extenders in neonatal and pediatric intensive care units (ICU), as well as health provider characteristics and role responsibilities. 

Scale Format Various, multiple choice, short answer, open-ended.  35 items. 

Administration Technique Self-administered questionnaire. 

Scoring and Interpretation Descriptives and frequencies. 

Content & Face Validity Developed by the subcommittee of Pediatric Critical Care Extenders of the Pediatric Section of the Society of Critical Care Medicine for the purposes of a larger provider survey. 

Published APN Studies Using Instrument Verger JT, Marcoux KK, Madden MA, Bojko T, Barnsteiner JH. Nurse practitioners in pediatric critical care: results of a national survey. AACN Clin Issues. 2005 Jul-Sep;16(3):396-408.  View in PubMed 

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