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Original Citation – Pulcini J, Jelic M, Gul R, Loke AY.  An international survey on advanced practice nursing education, practice, and regulation.  Journal of Nursing Scholarship. 2010;42(1):31-39. 

Contact Information
Dr. Joyce Pulcini
Boston College William F. Connell School of Nursing
Cushing Hall Room 307, 140 Commonwealth Ave.
Chestnut Hill, MA, 02467  USA
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Price & Availability – Contact author for instrument availability. 

Brief Description of Instrument – Describes international trends on the developing role of the nurse-practitioner-advanced practice nurse (NP-APN), including nomenclature, levels and types of NP-APN education, practice settings, scope of practice, regulatory policies, and political environment. 

Administration Technique –Self-administered, web-based survey. 

Scoring and Interpretation – Analyze descriptives, frequencies. 

Factors and Norms – General descriptive information on role (7 questions), NP-APN education or programs (5 questions), regulatory issues (8 questions), NP-APN practice-role (5 questions), general questions on policy and support for role in the country (8 questions), a section to identify in-depth information on one NP-APN educational program in the country surveyed, including the student profile for this particular program (10 questions), questions on the survey tool itself (4 questions), identify an websites that listed for described NP-APN programs in their country (1 item). 47 questions total. 

Test-retest Reliability – After 2-4 week interval, disagreement was found in 5% of items and either omissions or additions in 16% of the multiple response descriptive items, in a study of 10 respondents. 

Content & Face Validity – Developed by the Education-Practice Subgroup of the International Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Practice Nursing Network (INP-APNN).  Tool pilot tested to ensure it was universally understandable across different cultures and groups.  Reviewed by nurse experts for content validity and language.  Feedback from reviewers and pilot testing used to refine the tool. 

Published APN Studies Using Instrument – See original citation. 

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