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Original Citation - Mills N, Campbell R, Bachmann MO.  What do patients want and get from a primary care epilepsy specialist nurse service?  Seizure. 2002 Apr;11(3):176-83. View in PubMed  

Contact Information -
Nicola Mills 
University of Bristol 
Department of Social Medicine
Canynge Hall, Whiteladies Road
Bristol, BS8 2PR
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Price & Availability - Contact author for permission to use. Click here to view instrument.  

Brief Description of Instrument - One-on-one interview guide to assess patients’ experiences with a primary care epilepsy specialist nurse service.  

Scale Format- Open-ended questions, formatted as a topic guide.  

Administration Technique - Interviewer administered, audio-taped.  

Scoring and Interpretation - Constant comparative method of grounded theory, thematic analysis.  

Published APN Studies Using Instrument - See original citation.  

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